Stand-Alone Applications
This page lists some of the stand-alone applications I've created, which include:

International Space Station Flight Tool

I am the technical lead for TERC's Windows on Earth project. As part of this project, I created a Flash/JavaScript/PHP/PostgreSQL application which flew with Richard Garriott on his trip to the International Space Station. A primary goal of Richard's flight was to do earth observations of a thousand different targets. ISS Flight showed him a view through one of the ISS' nadir windows, with the targets superimposed on the view; it also showed a list of upcoming targets as well as long-term views of the Earth orbits showing target density.

The flight was extremely successful, and Richard took over 2600 high-resolution images of the Earth, which I am working with TERC to make available on the website. The ISS Flight Tool worked well for Richard, and in fact he found the NASA astronauts using ISS Flight for their own earth observations, as it was far superior to their current system of printed documents. TERC and NASA are currently negotiating to license ISS Flight for regular use by the astronauts.

You can find more information about the ISS Flight Tool here, and information about Richard's flight here and here. You can find other instantiations of the WinEarth platform in my Installations and Web project pages.


SeisMac is my most popular Mac OS X freeware application, written using Objective C and Cocoa. It converts your Sudden Motion Sensor-equipped laptop into a three-axis seismograph. I wrote version 1.0 for fun in 2006, and was then contacted by the Integrated Research Institutions for Seismology, asking if I'd be interested in enhancing SeisMac for classroom outreach. I've since released several more versions, funded by the National Science Foundation through IRIS, adding features such as pause and scrollback, horizontal and vertical zoom, data smoothing, adjustible sample rates up to 500Hz, and most recently data export.

You can read more about and download SeisMac here.


SeisMaCalibrate is a Mac OS X freeware application for calibrating your Sudden Motion Sensor-equipped laptop for use with SeisMac. It is written in Objective C and Cocoa. You can read more about and download SeisMaCalibrate here.

SMSLib Sudden Motion Sensor access library

SMSLib is a Mac OS X open source Sudden Motion Sensor access library, used in my SeisMac and SeisMaCalibrate applications as well as in a number of third-party applications. It is written in C. You can read more about and download SMSLib here.


ToneTester is a Mac OS X freeware hearing testing program, testing differences in pitch perception between the subject's two ears. It is written in Objective C and Cocoa. You can read more about and download ToneTester here.

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