After getting my B.S. in Computer Science from MIT, I joined The Computer Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, as Exhibits Engineer, designing and implementing computer-based exhibits and serving as their chief technical consultant. In 1993 I left the Museum to start my own consultancy, Suitable Systems, with capabilities centered in user interface design, educational software, and networked systems. Since then, I have completed a number of projects, including

  • ISS Flight Tool, an Earth Observation application used by Richard Garriott on the International Space Station
  • SeisMac, a Mac OS X application which uses a Macintosh laptop's Sudden Motion Sensor to display seismographs
  • Audience response software for the "New England Economic Adventure" theater at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • Web interface for an audio processing appliance for radio stations
  • Database-driven website for the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
  • Three Java applets demonstrating various computer concepts for "The Analytical Engine Online"
  • Driver software for the BarrettHand, a three-fingered robotic hand with four degrees of freedom
  • A patent called A Directional Particle Filter

References are available upon request.

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