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This page lists four of the many educational CD-ROMs I've worked on. They include:

Nuevos Destinos

Nuevos Destinos is a Macromedia Director-based cross-platform CD-ROM that continues the story line of Destinos. Paired with a set of fifteen half-hour videotapes, it teaches a Spanish course. It is set in the form of a soap opera, with each videotape being an episode.

In the CD-ROM, you are sitting at a desk in a Los Angeles law firm, with documents, a phone, a tape recorder and a laptop computer. Your task is to examine the documents, receive and send phone calls and Email, and talk over an inheritance case with people who walk in the door of your office. The computer has a full word processor, Email application, dictionary and list of characters.

Contracting for WGBH/Boston, I created the software for the CD-ROM, writing over 31,000 lines of Lingo code to drive the user interface and media. It includes a full authoring system for building the various interactive hot spots; this greatly eased both building and revising the program.

You can find more information on Nuevos Destinos at <> and <>.

Corporate Entrepreneurship: The Essentials

This is a pair of CD-ROMs talking about various aspects of corporate entrepreneurship as related to the workplace, designed and produced by Foxfire Interactive Corporation for Babson Interactive, LLC. To get a detailed product overview, please visit: and click on "Babson" in the clients section.

The product is delivered as a pair of CD-ROMs which use QuickTime, Director executables, Shockwave, JavaScript and Flash, presented within web browser windows, to provide a rich environment for learning. The product includes a key-based licensing model; the encrypted license keys specify which of the six lessons are enabled, and when, for a licensed customer.

I designed the technical underpinnings, and built the intelligent installer (which checks for and installs Flash, Shockwave and Acrobat Reader as necessary), the license key generation and checking system, the Shockwave-based elastic menu, and many of the interactive content components.

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