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This page lists some of the web-based projects I've done. They include:

Windows on Earth web application

I am the technical lead for TERC's Windows on Earth project. As part of this project, I created a Flash/JavaScript/PHP/PostgreSQL web application which lets visitors experience Richard Garriott's flight on the International Space Station, showing how he used the ISS Flight application to target Earth locations for his photography, and showing his actual photography in real time.

You can find the Windows on Earth website at You can find other instantiations of the WinEarth platform in my Applications and Installations project pages.

Medical training presentation engine

Subcontracting for Foxfire Interactive, I built a core presentation engine for medical CME applications. Foxfire has used this engine in a number of projects, including Clinician's Compendium to Nutrition Support Therapy and the SurgeryCME website.

Database-driven website for the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Subcontracting for Myriad Inc., I built a database-driven clinician listing system for the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center's website. With a Microsoft Access front end and a Microsoft SQL Server back end, the system allows easy and flexible editing of clinicians, both individually grouped into lists. Web pages are created using ASP/VBScript pages querying the back end and served by a Microsoft IIS server.

Bookmark Editor and Importer

ZineZone was an Internet starting point that lets you design your own "zine," complete with links to your favorite sites. Their users needed to be able to import Navigator and Explorer bookmarks into their zine, and then manipulate them graphically. I wrote two signed Java applets for them that handled the importing and subsequent editing of the information. The Importer applet, with the user's permission, searched the user's hard disk for the user's bookmarks. Once they were found, they were displayed side-by-side with the user's zine. The user could then move bookmarks into the zine, and manipulate the bookmarks within the zine. The Editor applet only let the user manipulate bookmarks within their zine.

The Networked Exhibit

The Networked Exhibit is a Java-based client-server game that I created for The Computer Museum in Boston. Players can join from any Java-capable browser. Players are automatically grouped into games of 2-4 players. Once a game has started, the pieces of a puzzle are distributed to the different players; the goal is to reassemble the pieces into a common puzzle. Players must call each other and chat to exchange puzzle pieces. All communications is done through a central Java-based server, which collects players, creates new games, mediates inter-player communication, and announces success.

JavaWorld has an article on The Networked Puzzle at <>.

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