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Document History

terminated development


dusted off, reformatted for new website
fixed broken links
added note about Microsoft withdrawing Java SDK

9/26/99: added info on creating test certificates
added list of browsers which understand signed applets
added notes on reading images from .jar files
added security level parameter to cabsign.bat, examples
updated VeriSign and Thawte information
updated Java Plugin information
checked all old links
added a number of new links
added list of domains/countries that have visited this page (more vanity...)
10/28/98: broke document into nine smaller pages
added section on Sun Java Plugin
added link to Mark Basler applet
enhanced Signing for Microsoft Internet Explorer section
added information on the use of Microsoft's classes
made many other improvements
4/21/98: updated Netscape signing procedure to use Netscape Signing Tool 1.0
added new CA Belsign
checked and added links
made lots of small changes to rest of document
3/31/98: moved release history to end of document
3/27/98: added information on Netscape Signing Tool version 1.0
added separate section on Certificate Authorities
added info on Thawte's method of delivering Authenticode certificates
added more information on Thawte in Vendors section
added Email link for requesting notification of updates
3/10/98: added hit counter to page (vanity, thy name is consultant...)
3/6/98: added links to example signed pages
2/28/98: fixed zigbert template line for listing database
added note about Entrust's free certificates
added link to document on Netscape's Capabilities API
added problem-solving sections
2/3/98: added note about why timestamping might fail
added three new Netscape document links
1/16/98: updated URL of Signing Applets for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator
tweaked formatting
1/15/98: added note about activating codebase principals for Navigator
added creation of test certificates for Authenticode
changed incorrect msvcrt.dll to msvcrtd.dll
added certificate authority Entrust
added note about CA certificates being installed on browsers
1/12/98: added certificate authority Thawte
1/10/98: added table of contents
added verification info for .jar files
1/8/98: noted bug in zigbert version 0.60/A
updated to match changes in Microsoft's and Netscape's tools
added information on timestamping archives
enhanced and cleaned up batch files
checked and updated links
12/15/97: joined split line in jarsign.bat
12/12/97: added note about zigbert and passwords
12/5/97: removed angle brackets from within zigbert documentation link
12/4/97: updated location of Microsoft tools
changed incorrect "zigsign.bat" references to "jarsign.bat"
added certificate authority SECUDE
10/29/97: first release

Summary of Visitors to This Page

Since 3/10/98, this page has been viewed 314363 times (actually about 60,000 more, since for a long time users were only counted if they had image loading turned on). As of 11/24/02, users of 151 different Internet domains from 144 different countries or territories have viewed this web page:

AD: Andorra
AE: United Arab Emirates
AI: Anguilla
AL: Albania
AM: Armenia
AR: Argentina
ARPA: Old style Arpanet
AT: Austria
AU: Australia
AW: Aruba
BA: Bosnia-Herzegovina
BE: Belgium
BF: Burkina Faso
BG: Bulgaria
BH: Bahrain
BM: Bermuda
BN: Brunei Darussalam
BO: Bolivia
BR: Brazil
BT: Buthan
BW: Botswana
BY: Belarus
BZ: Belize
CA: Canada
CC: Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CD: Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
CH: Switzerland
CI: Ivory Coast
CL: Chile
CN: China
CO: Colombia
COM: US Commercial
CR: Costa Rica
CU: Cuba
CX: Christmas Island
CY: Cyprus
CZ: Czech Republic
DE: Germany
DK: Denmark
DO: Dominican Republic
DZ: Algeria
EC: Ecuador
EDU: US Educational
EE: Estonia
EG: Egypt
ES: Spain
FI: Finland
FO: Faroe Islands
FR: France
GD: Grenada
GE: Georgia
GF: Guyana (French)
GH: Ghana
GI: Gibraltar
GL: Greenland
GOV: US Government
GP: Guadeloupe (French)
GR: Greece
GT: Guatemala
GW: Guinea-Bissau
GY: Guyana
HK: Hong Kong
HN: Honduras
HR: Croatia
HU: Hungary
ID: Indonesia
IE: Ireland
IL: Israel
IN: India
INT: International
IR: Iran
IS: Iceland
IT: Italy
JM: Jamaica
JO: Jordan
JP: Japan
KE: Kenya
KG: Kirgistan
KH: Cambodia
KR: South Korea
KW: Kuwait
KY: Cayman Islands
KZ: Kazachstan
LB: Lebanon
LK: Sri Lanka
LT: Lithuania
LU: Luxembourg
LV: Latvia
MA: Morocco
MC: Monaco
MD: Moldavia
MG: Madagascar
MIL: US Military
MK: Macedonia, The Former
Yugoslav Republic Of
MQ: Martinique (French)
MT: Malta
MU: Mauritius
MX: Mexico
MY: Malaysia
NA: Namibia
NC: New Caledonia (French)
NET: Network
NF: Norfolk Island
NL: Netherlands
NO: Norway
NP: Nepal
NU: Niue
NZ: New Zealand
OM: Oman
ORG: Non-Profit
PA: Panama
PE: Peru
PF: Polynesia (French)
PH: Philippines
PK: Pakistan
PL: Poland
PT: Portugal
RO: Romania
RU: Russian Federation
SA: Saudi Arabia
SC: Seychelles
SE: Sweden
SG: Singapore
SI: Slovenia
SK: Slovak Republic
SU: Soviet Union
SV: El Salvador
TG: Togo
TH: Thailand
TN: Tunisia
TO: Tonga
TR: Turkey
TT: Trinidad and Tobago
TV: Tuvalu
TW: Taiwan
TZ: Tanzania
UA: Ukraine
UG: Uganda
UK: United Kingdom
US: United States
UY: Uruguay
VA: Vatican City State
VE: Venezuela
VI: Virgin Islands (US)
VN: Vietnam
WS: Samoa
YE: Yemen
YU: Yugoslavia
ZA: South Africa
ZM: Zambia
ZW: Zimbabwe

I, personally, find this very cool.

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