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Examples of signed pages

These are signed Java applets I know of that are publicly available on the Web. If you know of other examples please let me know.

I wrote a set of signed applets for The Analytical Engine Online, a Computer Science textbook and web site. Each applet allows the user to save/load their work to/from their local hard disk, and are signed for both Internet Explorer and Communicator/Navigator. (Before you ask, I can't give out the source code for these.)


The signtool code signing tool's download page: <>. signtool for Windows 95 (as of 3/7/03) is at <>.

Signing Software with Netscape Signing Tool 1.1 (as of 3/7/03): <>

The Microsoft Java SDK 2.02, which contains cabarc.exe, signcode.exe, chktrust.exe, signer.dll and javasign.dll (as of 9/3/99): <>

*** WARNING ***

As part of the battles between Microsoft and Sun, Microsoft has stopped making their Java SDK available. For more details see my note on the first page of this document.


VeriSign, at <>, is a full-service on-line vendor of software signing IDs. They also provide their customers with a timestamping service at <> (this URL can only be used by signcode as shown above). Now that they've stopped issuing $20 Class 2 certificates they're a bit pricey ($400 times two if you want to support both Navigator and Explorer). Other useful VeriSign pages:

Thawte Certification, at <>, is a recently established CA. Their (latest) claim to fame is that you only need one $200 (as of 9/3/99) certificate for both Netscape Object Signing and Microsoft Authenticode. For more info on this, see <>. They have a number of other useful pages:

SECUDE is a new certificate authority; when last I checked they didn't seem to provide certificates for signing software: <>

Belsign is a new CA which apparently can generate software signing certificates for Navigator; they're at <> (I don't know anything more about them).

Other CAs:

Microsoft has a number of useful web pages:

Netscape also has a number of good pages:

And of course, there's always Sun:

Articles and FAQs

For a good overview of this process, along with information on Netscape's Capabilities API, see Joe Bowbeer's article Signing Applets for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator: <>. (Note: this article was in the June 1997 issue of JavaUniverse, which has since gone the way of all flesh. The author has reposted it on his own site.)

Other articles:


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