Signing Applets - Signing for Navigator and Explorer
Signing for both Navigator and Explorer

Although I've described the Navigator and Explorer signing processes separately, they can actually be done all at once and in the same directory. For instance, once you've set up everything as above, using the same top-level signing directory and applet directory, create the following DOS batch file called bothsign.bat:

REM First, get rid of any old archives
del %1\
del %1\%1.jar
REM Now, build the two archives
call cabSign %1 %2 %3
call jarSign %1
REM Finally, clean up again, and move archives into directory
deltree /Y %1\meta-inf
copy /Y %1
copy /Y %1.jar %1

Now, invoking bothsign with the name of the applet's directory, the formal name of the applet, and the Microsoft security level, will create both .cab and .jar archives, signed, sealed and delivered:

bothsign MyApplet "Super Duper Applet" "low"

Once you've created both .cab and .jar archives for a given applet, you can use both in the same piece of HTML code; each browser will select the archive it understands. Use code like this:

<title>My Wonderful Signed Applet</title>

<applet code="MyApplet.class" ARCHIVE="MyApplet.jar" width=600 height=350>
<param name="CABBASE" value="">

Ain't technology wonderful?

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